"2012-2013 China Mobile Application Advertising Platform Data Monitoring Report

In 2012, China’s smartphone shipments exceeded 190 million units, and the number of mobile Internet users increased to 420 million. In the first half of 2013, the number of netizens further increased to 460 million, accounting for more than three-quarters of the total netizens. The rapid growth of mobile Internet users and mobile devices indicates that China's mobile Internet market is entering a period of high growth, and competition will become increasingly fierce. In the marketing field, which is very important in the mobile Internet market, the mobile application advertising platform is currently the fastest growing, and there is huge room for growth on a large user base and rapidly changing mobile media. In 2012, the mobile application advertising platform market grew to 1.26 billion, and is expected to grow to 2.57 billion in 2013, and will continue to maintain high growth rates in the next few years. After the market development and education in previous years, China Mobile's application advertising platform has maintained a high growth rate in the market, and the market structure is also changing. With the deepening of market competition, traditional brand advertisers have increased their budget share in mobile advertising, and the profitability of advertising platforms has been improved. Some of these advertising platforms have achieved significant growth, gradually opening the gap with other platforms, and the market structure. Gradually concentrate on the leader. Since 2007, the mobile application ecosystem has experienced explosive growth, the number of applications has grown linearly, application innovation has emerged, and user recognition has become higher and higher. The marketing model above this has also made great progress, and gradually gained more recognition from the beginning of the cultivation experiment. By 2012, as the popularity of smartphones accelerated, the transfer of media to the mobile side also accelerated, and advertisers became more aware of the importance of mobile advertising, and the budget tilted more toward the mobile side. In 2013, 2013 was a period of change in the industry. The initial investment of mobile application advertising platform gradually received corresponding returns. The increase in delivery promoted the growth of enterprise revenue, and the intensification of competition made the competition pattern clear. In this change of competition pattern, each mobile application advertising platform has formed its own characteristics, forming a certain differentiated competition in the form of display (screening advertisement, full-screen advertisement, integral wall, etc.), interactive effects, media resources and so on. The development of mobile app advertising platforms has also attracted the entry of Internet giants. The competition of the application advertising platform and the access of the giants will stir the entire mobile marketing market and promote the market to expand, attracting more advertisers and media to enter. Mobile app advertising has also shown signs of early change under the influence of programmatic buying of Internet display advertising (advertising technology innovations driven by DSP and ad exchanges). iResearch and the five mainstream mobile application advertising platforms on the market today: Anwo Media, Du Meng, Limei Technology, Qian Qian Media, Aide Siqi, will be on their respective platforms on advertising operation data, user behavior The characteristic data is displayed, thus forming the “2012-2013 China Mobile Application Advertising Platform Data Monitoring Report”. It can be seen from the current development characteristics of China Mobile Application Advertising Platform. From the cases provided by the company, you can also understand some of the characteristics of the effect and operation level.

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