The mad plunder of gangs in Jiangsu used to practice in Han Dynasty tombs in Leiyang 5 years ago

As early as 2007, the tombs of the Han Dynasty tombs in the Sanzhuang Township, a provincial-level cultural and security unit in Suiyang County, were damaged by robbers. Due to limited clues, the case became an unsolved case. Until 2012, after a group of robbers were arrested in Yangzhou and sentenced to prison terms respectively, the two prisoners allegedly said in prison: “The tomb of Liyang was also dug by us.” On March 26, the Suqian City People’s Court The case was open to trial. Modern Express trainee reporter Sun Xuhui

Tomb thief confessed after he was jailed

"The ancient tomb of Shuyang is also dug by us"

More than 2,000 years ago, the Su Qian’s Shuyang area was the capital of the Lishui State during the Han Wudi period, and the Han tombs in the Sanzhuang Township of the Shuyang County were important sites of the ancient Shushui State.

Since being listed as a provincial cultural relics protection unit by the Jiangsu Provincial Government in 2002, the San Zhuang Han Tombs have become the “golden mountain” in the eyes of many robbers.

One day in December 2007, some villagers discovered a burglary on the tomb named “Xu Tun” inside the Tomb of the Three Villages. Diggings of mud were piled up around the burglar caves, and the next snakeskin pocket was filled with dirt. According to the villagers, there are mineral water bottles next to the tens of meters away from the haystack. It is estimated that the tomb thief left behind. Subsequently, the local police have been investigating the case, but there has been no new progress.

Until 2012, the case investigation suddenly ushered in a turnaround. The Modern Express reporter learned from the District Court of Suqian City that in 2012, two of the tomb robbers sentenced to prison in Yangzhou suddenly reflected: “I confess that the ancient tomb of Fuyang was also dug by us.”

The year was "poorly crafted."

Tools: Shovel, snakeskin pocket

Pirates the "hands" of the Han Dynasty tomb in Puyang, empty-handed

The two suddenly honest prisoners were Renmou and Wang. According to Renmou's recollection, in December 2007, he received a phone call from his friend Wang, knowing that there was a Han Dynasty tomb in Shuyang County. Then they each found a few helpers to gather in a hotel on the outskirts of Qiyang County. In the process of planning the tomb, six people, including Renmou, went to Shuyang County for a total of four times, and they eventually found the place of the ancient tomb under the leadership of a local production leader, "Old Korea."

At 8 o'clock that evening, they dug tombs with plastic sheets, snakeskin pockets, shovels and other tools. After about three hours of work, a three-meter-thick stolen hole was left on the ground, but they did not see the expectation. The "baby". “Looking at time is not enough. Several of us covered up the burglary hole and we went back.” According to Wang, who was involved in the tomb at that time, a few days later, “Old Korea” called and said that the tomb was discovered. And they gave up this ancient tomb.

Later on, "Getting Around"

Tools: Luoyang Shovel, Explosive

Criminally committing crimes in Yangzhou, specifically digging the provincial cultural security units

After plundering empty-handedly in the Sanxiang Township of Xiangyang, Renmou and others often went to the museum to “acquire the Bible” in order to improve their technology. Before long, they ran to the Qianjiang District in Yangzhou to steal the tomb.

From the second half of 2009 to the first half of 2010, "Liu Shimao" together with Renmou, Wang and other "old team" had eight excavations in the Han Dynasty Tomb of Baoshendun, Yangshou Town, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou City. Compared with two years ago, this time, their “craftsmanship” was a lot better: using Luoyang tossing tombs, explosives, and shovels to dig holes, a total of 5 ancient tombs were stolen, and jade, bronze mirrors, and iron were stolen. Quality swords and other cultural relics, some of which were sold by Renmou and others at a price of more than 600,000 yuan, were partially detained by investigation agencies.

Yangzhou City Cultural Relics Bureau identified that the tomb of the Bao Nuo Dun Han Tomb and the Gan Quan Lao Shan Han Tomb excavated by this group were an important part of the Gansu Provincial Han Dynasty Tombs, a provincial cultural relics protection unit, and has important historical, artistic, and scientific values.

Finally all jailed

A thief said he did not steal, but a small mineral water bottle let him show

In September 2012, 8 people such as Ren Mou and Liu Shimao were sentenced for the crime of excavation of ancient tombs. Among them, Ren was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment, 3 years of deprivation of political rights, and a fine of 100,000 yuan. Liu Shimao was sentenced to 11 years’ imprisonment, 2 years’ deprivation of political rights and a fine of 90,000 yuan.

Ren Mou and Wang Zheng in prison voluntarily confessed that the San Zhuang ancient tomb in Liyang was also robbed by them and pointed out that there was “Liu Shimao”. To this end, on October 15, 2013, “Liu Shimao” was remanded by the Shuyang County Public Security Bureau from Nantong Prison.

On March 26, the People’s Court of Suqian City, Suqian City, opened the case of Liu Shiomao’s excavation of ancient tombs. "Liu Shih-hsiang" claimed that he was jealous. Ren Mou, Wang Mou et al. He never knew him. He did not even participate in the tomb of Yangzhou.

However, forensic evidence shows that on a mineral water bottle left at the site of the excavation of the Sanzhuang ancient tomb, the fingerprints extracted by the police coincide with the fingerprints of “Liu Shimao”.

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