Tiejian Heavy Industry's first subway single shield hard rock boring machine originated in Chongqing

At the Fengmingshan site in Shapingba District, Chongqing, the single-shield hard rock boring machine independently developed by Tiejian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Pilot No.1, was launched. This is a domestically developed single shield hard rock boring machine (TBM) used for the first time in cities. Subway construction.
It is reported that there are 33 stations in Chongqing's rail transit network, with a total length of approximately 51 kilometers. It is an important backbone line in Chongqing's rail transit network and is scheduled to be opened to traffic in 2017. The Chongqing subway geology is mainly composed of sandy mudstone, sandstone and muddy siltstone. The single shield hard hard rock boring machine designed by Tiejian Heavy Industry can solve the problems of the original shield dumpling method and the environmental pollution. It is more environmentally friendly. . In terms of construction technology, the single shield hard rock roadheader does not require the use of a muck improver, resulting in high slag removal efficiency, simplified processes and faster construction. At the same time, the cost of construction materials such as main bearing seal grease and foaming agent can be saved by about 300 yuan per meter. The total length of tunnels of the three hard rock boring machines in this project is about 6km-7km, which can reduce the construction cost by about 2 million yuan.
This single shield hard rock boring machine excavation diameter 6880mm, total length of 104 meters, total weight of about 700 tons, installed power more than 2000kW, set tunnel excavation, lining, slag, transportation, ventilation, drainage, dust and other functions in one . The equipment adopts a large number of general-purpose module designs, and the earth pressure balance mode interface is reserved, which can be easily converted into a soil pressure balance shield with strong versatility. Experts believe that the single shield hard rock boring machine is used for urban subway construction, and in addition to its remarkable environmental and economic benefits, it also broadens the application of single shield shield hard rock boring machine in China.
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