Liberation to the car for "running shoes", vacuum is really expected

As the saying goes, "If you want to go far, there is no good pair of shoes!" For trucks, the tires are their "shoes." The quality of shoes directly affects the comfort, fuel consumption, and safety of driving. And Yu.

The pursuit of excellent quality FAW liberation, standing on the user's point of view, equipped with a "vacuum tire" for trucks, absolutely can be called the "trump card" in the tire!

What is a vacuum tire?

Detailed diagram of vacuum tire
Detailed diagram of vacuum tire

As the name implies, a vacuum tire is a tire without an inner tube. A rubber seal layer with a thickness of about 2 to 3 mm is attached to the inner wall of the tire, and the airtight layer between the inner wall of the tire and the bead is used to ensure good airtightness between the tire and the wheel rim. The outer tire takes care of the function of the inner tube while the tire is inflated. After that, the toes and the rims are tightly bound to prevent deflation.

Which vacuum is more true?

Vacuum tire discrimination
Vacuum tire discrimination

In appearance, the vacuum tire and the ordinary radial tire are not much different. The main difference lies in the valve. The vacuum tire valve is directly fixed on the rim, while the valve of the ordinary tire is mounted on the inner tube. In addition, the words “TUBELESS” or “TL” will be marked on the vacuum tires.

Vacuum is more effective!

1 The leak is slow and safer!

After the vacuum tire was punctured, it leaked slowly, and it could still be opened to the repair point for repair. Reduce the risk of abortion and even an instant burst.

2 good heat dissipation, long life!

The vacuum tire has no inner tube and cushion, which effectively reduces the frictional heat of the inner tube and the inner cavity of the tire, so that the temperature of the tire is more stable and the service life of the tire is prolonged.

3 Light weight, low fuel consumption!

Due to the reduction of the inner tube and cushion belt and the rim lock ring, if the whole set of tyres is replaced with a vacuum tyre, the weight can be reduced by more than 260 kg. The resistance to vacuum tires is small, which can save 3% of fuel, which is an extra profit for truck drivers.

4 more wear-resistant, long-distance!

The vacuum tire has better dynamic balance performance and driving comfort can be improved, so it is more suitable for long-distance high-speed long-distance running. Effectively reduce the overall cost of driving.

At present, all types of FAW liberation trucks can match vacuum tires, providing the best cardholders with the best invented wealth!

FAW Liberation Matching Vacuum Tire Model
FAW Liberation Matching Vacuum Tire Model

When ultra-superiority, fuel tax and other policies have been introduced, “lightweight” and “economizing fuel” will surely become the next trend in the truck market. Liberation of vacuum tire-carrying trucks will follow the market and will surely become a friend of CASC. Another weapon on the road!

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