Concerned about the small details of compact garbage trucks for driving safety

Actually, those who have driven a car do not necessarily really drive. Because driving compact garbage trucks and using vehicles, every small detail will also directly affect the safety of everyone driving. Then there are a lot of attentions for the driver's seat. For example, in the event of a vehicle accident, the car headrests and seat belts that can protect and save lives are not always well noticed. .

When driving a compact garbage truck , everyone's head should not leave the headrest, but the height of the headrest is to rest on the head and the middle part of the headrest and the middle of the head. The alignment is accurate. When adjusting the headrest of the compression type garbage truck, the distance should be as tight as possible, but it should not exceed 10 CM, to the extent that it can protect the neck safety of the driver to a greater extent.

The adjustment of those correct driving positions seems to be very simple. It is also the basis of a safe driving of the compression garbage truck. It cannot be ignored. In case of a more urgent situation, the correct vehicle driving posture and the correct The driving position is also the first to allow the driver to respond quickly. The head of the compression garbage truck is able to provide the driver with driving comfort while also being able to provide a safe protection for the driver's neck. For example, when a compact garbage truck hits a rear-end collision or a collision accident, the vehicle will have a lot of impact. When the reaction force reacts, it will cause the driver's head to have a sharp backlash. This is the case. The next is that it will easily hurt, for example, a fragile neck. In severe cases it will also cause fatal injuries. As long as the correct position of the vehicle is placed in the correct position, it is possible to protect and avoid injuries to the driver's head and neck in emergencies.

Some drivers and friends will think that wearing a seatbelt is simply not simple. Isn't it possible to pull it up and buckle it up? It's just a trivial thing. In fact, the correct degree of belt strapping method should be pulled from the middle of the left clavicle, the height can not be lower than the shoulder, the best height should be higher than about 10-5 cm. Compression type garbage truck may be in daily maintenance. The highest neglected rate should be the maintenance of the seat belt. In daily life, it is also necessary to check the performance of the seatbelt frequently. If Xi'an is damaged, it must not be placed on an imprudent mentality, but it should be replaced in a timely manner. All the bolts used to secure seats and seat belts on the floor beside the seat should also be tightened as required, and the bolts should be coated with sealant on all sides. If the seat belt is too dirty, use soft soapy water for cleaning. If the seat belt has been subjected to a strong straightening load during use, even if it does not appear to be damaged, it cannot be used again, but it is directly replaced with a new one. (Text / Sun Ni)

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