Compressed garbage trucks are not allowed to follow models

Traffic accidents should be familiar to everybody. The annual number of traffic accident deaths in China has reached 100,000. This number is rising every year. There are also many causes of traffic accidents, such as illegal driving, drunk driving, fatigue driving, vehicle breakdown, and so on. It is not only that some unspecified people violate the traffic rules, but also may be due to Some irresistible natural disasters caused. Traffic rear-end is also the most common traffic accident nowadays, and most of them will happen to new drivers who have relatively poor traffic resilience. Rear-end collision is also one of the most dangerous traffic accidents. In particular, as soon as a rear-end incident occurs on the highway, it may cause more serious casualties. Therefore, when the compact garbage truck is traveling on the road, in order to prevent the rear-end incident from happening, it is advisable not to have any kind of vehicles that follow. For example, the following types of vehicles are the best ones for a long time. Followed by.

1. Compression garbage trucks do not follow empty taxis. Generally speaking, air taxis will live directly on the way. Once customers are found on the road to take a taxi, the first reaction of individual drivers will be a sudden brake, and some will not even turn on the lights. If the compression garbage truck is closer, then there may be a rear-end collision.

2. Compressed garbage trucks do not go with large trucks. Large trucks are relatively large because the vehicle's driving perspective is completely invisible. Some big trucks that violate the rules will turn red when they reach the red light, because the car body is relatively large, or it obscures the sight of the rear car, which leads to the danger of trailing the red light.

3, do not follow the bus. And the nature of large trucks is also the same. Individual buses with larger buses do not turn on the turn signal when entering or exiting the train. If they are close to each other, or if they are traveling twice, they will easily happen. Collisions.

4, not with foreign cars. Some foreign drivers are not familiar with the route of the city. Some people have violated the rules intentionally or unintentionally. For example, they are driving in reverse, smashing a single lane, forcing a lane change, or even not seeing the vehicles behind them. They suddenly come. A sudden stop for temporary parking to ask for directions. Some friends may think that I am too exaggerated to write, and now there are people who do not understand French and immoral. Actually, what kind of birds are so big in the world? For the safety of their own lives, when the compressed garbage truck driver is driving, he should always drive his car to safety. (Text / Sun Ni)

1.pipe size

OD: 1/8'' to 12'', nomical thickness :Sch5s to XXS

OD 14mm to 325mm, wall thickness: 2mm to 30mm

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DIN1629/EN10216-1 Pipe line

DIN17175/EN10216-2 Heat Resisting Seamless Steel Pipe lines

DIN 2391-1 cold drawn or cold rolled steel tube

API SPEC 5CT Tubing and Casing

Cylinders Steel Pipe


Bundle package

Bevelled end or plain end

Painting varnish coating

PVC covered and both ends capped

4.Min order: 10 metic tons.

5.Length: 12meters Max

Seamless Steel Pipe

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