Use multifunctional dust suppression vehicles to reduce environmental pollution

The multifunctional dust suppression car can also be used as a dust suppression spray truck, a coal mine dust suppression vehicle, and a mine watering vehicle, etc. It is one of the devices for spraying dust suppression and fixing agent at the loading place of a coal plant. It is used in other fields with railways and roads, etc. When trains transport coal by vehicles, the dust suppression vehicle can fix the coal on each train to form a protective film, which can reduce the environmental pollution caused by coal particles floating in the wind during transportation. Multifunctional dust suppression vehicles are now used to remove dust in places such as railways, bulk material dumps, and dump trucks. At the same time, it is also widely used in various open pit yards such as slag yards, automobile dust transport, coal storage yards, construction sites, iron and steel building materials, and cement.

The multifunctional dust suppression car also has the function of a sprinkler. When the spraying work is performed, the spray bar turns the lift bar to rotate and lift electrically to replace the hydraulic system, which is more economical and the operation is also comparative. simple. Especially in the colder winters in the winter, the multifunctional dust suppression car can effectively avoid the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system being frozen because of the low temperature, and has the disadvantages of difficulty in debugging and the like. In the north, nozzles, tanks, and heat preservation and heating of the pump body can effectively ensure normal operation.

The working principle of the dust suppression vehicle is mainly to use the electronic control system and the hydraulic system for mutual cooperation. Then the mobile spray equipment injects the spray liquid into the liquid storage tank at the dispensing station, and self-operates until spraying. When there is a train passing, the photoelectric detection system will start to identify the traction locomotive. After the traction locomotive passes, a signal is sent out. The operator controls the transmission hydraulic system to rotate the liquid distribution pipe and the carriage are orthogonal. At the same time start the liquid pump for spraying. And adjusting the flow of the liquid pump can reach a standard value for the design spray. Photoelectric detection system will send a model to the PLC on the hook of the train to control the stepper motor or decorate the rotating shielding roller through the drive connection to realize the stop spraying and spraying. After the train passes through, the device will be completely Stop spraying. (Text / Sun Ni)

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