Things to watch out for when it comes to garbage trucks on rainy days

This year's summer was particularly hot, with high temperature warnings in many places. It is also a hot season with sweat and rain. Naturally, it is ultimately the pouring rain. In the summer, thunderstorms are common, but they can bring cool feelings to people. Therefore, people are generally more happy.
But for sanitation workers, labor is inconvenient in such heavy rains, especially for workers who specialize in waste disposal, and it is even more inconvenient to drive a garbage truck in the city early in the morning. So what should we pay attention to when driving a garbage truck in rainy weather to ensure the safety of drivers?
Driving in rainy weather, due to deterioration of road conditions, it brings a lot of difficulties to traffic safety. Therefore, drivers must understand the characteristics of rain trucks driving in rainy days and master the safe driving operations in rainy days to ensure traffic safety.
When you go into stagnant water, you must check the depth of the stagnant water. If you do not exceed half a wheel, you can generally pass it. When wading, it is necessary to use the offset and try to stabilize the throttle. It must not stop midway or turn. In case the garbage truck turns off while wading, do not try to start the engine and avoid the engine flooding.
When it rains, the speed of the garbage truck must not be controlled too fast, so as to avoid splashes of water, you can use the low-speed gear to stabilize the throttle through, do not door when wading. When driving, because the curved road surface has a certain angle of inclination, in a place where the terrain is relatively low, if one wheel of the garbage truck passes through the water, it may slip, and the vehicle will lose control. Therefore, it is necessary to put The speed control is very low, and the brakes must be very smooth. Do not use excessive force.
Although people always look around when they see garbage trucks, we must know that there are no garbage trucks and sanitation workers who work tirelessly every day. How the urban environment is maintained and everyone cannot live in one. Garbage environment.


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