23 enterprises in Hubei detected 336 hidden dangers

The Safety Production Committee Office of the State Council’s Safety Production Committee has inspected safety production work in key industries (fields) such as hazardous chemicals in four cities of Wuhan, Xiaogan, Shiyan and Xiangfan in Hubei since May. At the time of press release, the inspection team examined a total of 23 companies and found 336 hidden problems and problems.
It is understood that these 23 companies include 5 ammonia companies, 3 chlor-alkali enterprises, 2 sulfuric acid companies, 3 oil depots, 2 gas stations, 2 oil transportation companies, and others are refinery companies and calcium carbide companies. Phosphorus chemical companies, gas companies, etc. The common problems in chemical companies such as synthetic ammonia, chlor-alkali, and sulfuric acid are: no emergency management system, no major hazard source monitoring measures, and incomplete content of emergency plans, no drill has been conducted; on-site assessment, some positions are not familiar with the emergency treatment of this position Knowledge; fire-fighting equipment expired; employee safety education did not comply with relevant regulations, did not wear appropriate labor and safety supplies; lack of full-time safety management personnel, safety management personnel of low quality; on-site electrical lines are chaotic. There is an aging phenomenon; some equipment maintenance is not in place, running, running, drip, and leakage are common, and the production facilities are in disorder; most companies do not have flammable gas or toxic gas alarms.
Among the chemical companies supervised by the company, Xiaogan City Hangxin Chemical Co., Ltd., which produces ammonium bicarbonate, has the highest number of potential safety hazards, totaling 19 items. Some of these hidden dangers are representative of private small-scale ammonium bicarbonate enterprises, such as prominent equipment management problems. , valves, bolts, floors, escalators and other serious corrosion; most of the special equipment has been over-examined; direct operation link management loopholes, a variety of ticket management confusion; liquid ammonia tank close to the residential area, and no monitoring means and safety valve Fire extinguisher expired, wall fire hydrant is too far away from the water plant - some of the instrument is damaged, failure; on-site equipment does not have a nameplate and inspection label; safety management is chaotic, safety production responsibility system is not implemented, safety management system is not implemented, safety management personnel qualification certificate expires; There is a serious shortage of investment in security.
The Office of the Hubei Provincial Production Safety Commission requires that the municipal safety supervision departments must urge all companies to formulate specific plans for rectification of the hidden dangers discovered, so as to ensure that the special operations of the 100-day supervision do not go through the court and achieve substantial results.

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