Congxin Connaught does not fake advertising fertilizer production companies promise integrity management

According to a reporter from Liaoning Daily News, Han Keming recently, the Provincial Soil and Fertilizer Station organized 18 well-known chemical fertilizer production enterprises and 53 fertilizer distribution companies in the province to gather in Anshan City to make a “commitment for fertilizer integrity management services” to the farmers in the province. Do not sell fake and inferior fertilizer products; do not make false advertisements, do not mislead consumers, ensure that the fertilizer products are true and reliable; clearly price, do not lie about prices, and do not seek improper interests. The production and management companies that participated in the public commitment stated that they must use actions to ensure that the majority of farmers during the period of spring farming use the assured fertilizer and reduce the production costs of farmers' fertilizer input so that their interests can be protected. In addition to the manufacturers who had promised in the previous Hulundao Spring Planting Fertilizer Production and Marketing Matchmaking Conference, 34 production enterprises in our province have made commitments to the society to ensure that farmers are able to use the fertilizer, and introduced 69 high-quality fertilizer varieties for Farmers in the province choose.

Our Needle selector frame is applied in computerized flat knitting machines, vamp machines and circular knitting machines

These kinds of products were forestalled by Japan/Taiwan suppliers before 2009.

From year 2010, we started our research & developed various kinds of needle selector frame for Chinese market. After the success of the sampling, these kinds of needle selector frame got a unbelievable blooming in China. In 2016, we produced and sold more than 1000, 000pcs.

Now, we are still working hard on the designs and try to conquer the problems what we faced to ensure our parts more perfect in the near future.

Nowadays, our needle selector frames are not only supplied in Chinese market but also sells well in southeast of Asia.

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Needle Selector Parts

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