Push Heavy Machinery Launches New Product Launch in 2008

On the morning of June 26, 2008, Pushe Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.'s new product launch was held at the Yinzhou Hotel in Yibin. The Yibin Municipal Economic Commission, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and relevant leaders of Wuliangye Group attended the meeting. Mr. Wang Guochun, Party Secretary and Chairman of Wuliangye Group Co., Mr. Li Peici, President of Push Group, Mr. Ding Kun, General Manager of Pushchi Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Mr. Jiang Guibing, Technical Director, representatives of agents and representatives of supporting suppliers gave enthusiastic talks. After the speech, the relevant leaders then issued the “Authorized Agents” sign of Pushi Heavy Machinery, Yibin City, Sichuan Province to the company's contracting agents.

Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Wuliangye Group Co., Ltd. Wang Guochun speaks
Li Peiqi, president of Push Group, spoke

In his speech, Chairman Wang Guochun stated that Wuliangye Group and Push Group will fully support Pushi Heavy Machinery in all aspects and strive to occupy a certain share of the company's products at home and abroad in a short period of time. President Li Peiqi introduced the overall layout of Pushchi Heavy Machinery.

Ding Kun, general manager of Pushchi Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. spoke

The general manager of the company, Ding Kun, analyzed the status quo and development trend of the construction machinery market. “In the face of promising market prospects, as a start-up company, although we have made great progress, we need something we should do. The problems that we need to solve, the difficulties we need to overcome, and the things we need to learn, there are many, and we must not only keep a clear head, but also insist on the scientific concept of development and build enterprises by bricks and mortar. "The future." The company will intensify efforts in the construction of product after-sales service system. To achieve this goal, the company will provide support in terms of technology, spare parts reserve, management, etc., and it will have plan and step-by-step service personnel. Conduct skills training, conduct operations and maintenance training for customers, and train agents into qualified service centers. With a good service system and good service to win the market.

Mr. Jiang Guibing, Technical Director of Pushchi Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

Later, Mr. Jiang Guibing, the company's technical director, gave a detailed explanation on the performance and technology research and development of the company's new 2008 series of products. At the meeting, various agents and supporting businesses all expressed that they must work together with Pushachi Heavy Machinery to jointly develop and develop.

Conference site

Wang Guochun personally licensed the agent

The holding of the 2008 new product launch will further strengthen the cooperation between the company, agents and supporting companies, and is of great significance to the overall construction of the company and the promotion of new products.

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