Harbin Institute of Technology space robot base passed national recognition

Recently, the “Space Robot National International Science and Technology Cooperation Base” declared by Harbin Institute of Technology successfully passed the evaluation of the expert group and was recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The base is the third international scientific and technological cooperation base of the Ministry of Science and Technology after the completion of the International Joint Research Center for Advanced Composite Materials and the China-Russia-Ukraine International Welding Joint Research Center.

According to reports, the "Space Robot National International Science and Technology Cooperation Base" relies on the Harbin Institute of Technology, focusing on the core research field of space robots, based on aerospace, service and national defense, and facing the main battlefield of the national economy. Several research directions are at the international advanced level. The base has successively cooperated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of California, Purdue University, the University of Oxford, the University of Bath, the German Aerospace Center, the University of Munich, the University of Paris VI, the University of Compiègne, and the National Bauman Technology of Moscow, Russia. More than 20 universities and research institutes in more than 10 countries, such as universities, have established good partnerships, and have long-term and in-depth cooperation with internationally renowned scholars in academic research and personnel training. They have successively established the "Sino-German Space Robot Technology Joint Laboratory". "Harbin Institute of Technology - Samara National Aeronautics and Astronautics University Joint Laboratory for Vibration Protection" and other collaborative research platforms.

LED-Fluorescent Lamp Protection Sleeves/PET Explosion-proof tube LED Light Heat Shrink Tube

Product Description:
LED-Fluorescent Lamp Protection Sleeves is made of PET materials, PET Explosion-proof tube LED Light Heat Shrink Tube with superior transparency, good heat dissipationeffect, insulation, protect the glass not to break.

Feature & benefit:
a) White LED-PET heat-shrink tube can homogenize the dot light to area light.
b) The uniform theory of light diffusion heat shrink sleeve is that the light ray will generate many refraction, reflection and scattering when the light go through the different refraction rate medium and get the effect of optical diffusion.
c) Light transmittance can be up to 85-93%, haze 95-99%, customizable.
d) RoHS compliant, no mercury, uvioresistant,save energy and low carbon.

It`s widely applied to T5,T6,T8,T10,T12 LED lights for light diffusion and proofing explosion. 

Operating indexes:
a) Min. Shrink temp.:60 degrees Celsius
b) Final shrink  temp.: 125 degrees Celsius
c) Work temp. : -55~125 degrees Celsius

Increase length 5mm at both ends of the glass lamps when cutting the tube, set the glass lamps which have been scrubbed by alcohol and dried on to the cutting heat shrink tube. 
Put them into the 75-85℃constant temperature thermal cycling tunnel furnace to shrink.After 1-2 minutes, check if the tube is shrinkable. 

If not, let them shrink sequentially. If the temperature is a little high, the heat shrink tube will generate crystal and black patches. Trim them with art knife after they are cold already, go to next step to install if no problem.

Product Images:

T5 T8 T10 LED Fluorescent Diffusion Protective Sleeve 2

T5 T8 T10 LED Fluorescent Diffusion Protective Sleeve

T5 T8 T10 LED light explosion-proof film

LED & Fluorescent Lamp Protection Sleeves

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