Leaf spring

It is made up of multiple sheets of steel with unequal lengths and unequal curvatures. After the installation, both ends naturally bend upward. When the impact force of the road surface on the wheel comes, the steel plate will be deformed to play a role of buffering and damping, and it will also have the function of guiding the force transmission when it is arranged longitudinally. Most of the non-independent suspension uses leaf springs as elastic elements, which can eliminate the guide device and shock absorber, and has a simple structure.

SMT Clean Products advantages: tough and durable, with a high efficiency of water absorption, soft, dust, anti-static performance. Especially for the electronics factory to remove the printing press stencils, circuit boards on the excess solder paste and red plastic , to keep the circuit board spotless, preferably greatly reducing the rejection rate, greatly improve production efficiency and product quality, our company according to the actual use of customers, selected Product width and length.



Stencil clean rolls are Suitable for SMT machines of MPM, DEK, JUKI, ERKA, FUJI, Sanyo, Yamaha, Panasonic, KME brands.

01 Paper types: 68g, 65g, 55g, 56g, 60g and so on.

02 Material designed specifically for SMT screen printers

03 It ideal for absorbing paste, solvents and adhesives

3, We KDW can be customized according to customer requirements processing production.

SMT Stencil Clean Roll

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