The first interactive marketing Futian Automobile and Yuancheng Logistics form a strategic alliance

The first brand of commercial vehicles in China, Foton Motor Group and the leading logistics company Yuancheng Group formally established a strategic partnership between the two parties. Mr. Wu Yuejun, Deputy General Manager of Foton Motor Group, and Mr. Xu Weizong, Vice President of Yuancheng Group formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement. . In addition, Foton Motor and Yuancheng Logistics also signed the first batch of 292 car procurement contracts valued at 40 million yuan and the first batch of logistics business contracts worth tens of millions of yuan. This cooperation marks a new marketing model - the interactive marketing model has surfaced for the first time in the Chinese auto industry; it also indicates that Foton Motor has actively responded to the country's promotion of the scientific development concept and promoted the company's independent innovation policy and launched a series of actions. Expand domestic demand to meet the challenges in the new economic environment to achieve phased results.

Both Foton Motor and Yuancheng Logistics have formed strategic partnerships in auto procurement and logistics services to jointly advance the rapid development of their respective businesses. According to the agreement of both parties, Yuancheng Group will preferentially purchase Auman, Ouma, Ao Ling and landscape products under the Foton Motor Group, and Foton Motor's service outlets throughout the country will provide “nanny-style” workstation services for Yuancheng Group; For the return on the first purchase of logistics services, the logistics business of Foton Motor Group is preferred to Yuancheng Logistics.

As to why Foton Motor chose strategic cooperation with Yuancheng Logistics, Mr. Wang Xiangyin, deputy general manager of Foton Motor Group, pointed out at the press conference that “the management team of Foton Motor and Yuancheng Logistics is in a spirit of sincere cooperation and common development. The two sides reached a consensus and achieved results in a friendly manner, and today’s signing of the contract witnessed the sincerity of both parties and also heralded the confidence of both parties in understanding and mutual cooperation in strategic development.In today’s economic environment, it is affected by the global financial crisis and economic crisis. In the meantime, the signing of the two parties is the best cooperation to turn the crisis into an opportunity and transform difficulties into challenges.” The head of Yuancheng Group stated that Foton Motor Group is one of China's few outstanding automotive companies, and the resource advantages of auto companies. It can form a strong complementarity with logistics companies and achieve win-win through various forms of strong alliances. Some experts predict that the signing of the strategic cooperation will not only have complementary advantages and mutual promotion between the two sides, but also will play a positive role in promoting the development of the Chinese auto industry and the logistics industry, and more in line with China's current economic development trend.

Professional analysts believe that the current economic crisis has affected the global economy, the overall economic downturn, market supply and demand imbalances, market demand has dropped significantly, a large number of companies have closed down, and the market has suffered a serious contraction. In order to respond to the declining market, Foton Motors is guided by the national policy, implements the scientific development concept, and expands domestic demand. The two groups in different industries have developed a new marketing model through strategic alliances—interactive marketing models to deal with the market. According to reports, the core idea of ​​this interactive marketing model is that the two sides are mutual customers, each serving as a provider of goods and services, through the integration of resources to create a market. The characteristics of the mutual marketing model are mutual customers, and the creation of new markets through resource integration. As we all know, the current alliance between popular companies is mostly a coalition of peer companies or enterprises' industrial chains. The interactive marketing model is also a breakthrough in the Chinese marketing community.

As we all know, as the first brand of commercial vehicles in China, Foton Motor owns ten major product brands such as Auman, Foton Euro V, Omar, Ao Ling, Mengpike, MiDi, Foton Landscape, Sapp, and Legend of Foton. The continuous improvement of quality, and continue to enter the field of high-end products. In the first quarter of this year, the sales of Foton Motors reached 125,000 units, a year-on-year increase of more than 5%, ranking first in commercial vehicles, with a market share of about 20%, far higher than those of second- and third-tier auto companies. After nearly 20 years of development, Yuancheng Group has grown from storage and transportation freight forwarding agents and automobile transportation companies of the current year to more than 50 wholly-owned companies and more than 300 business outlets, a number of overseas branches, and large-scale foreign companies. Comprehensive logistics enterprises have far-reaching characteristics in their trajectory and are also a microcosm of the development of domestic logistics enterprises.

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