6 tons truck crane operators need to pay attention

When each of the masters operates a 6- ton truck crane , it may be a problem that the jack rope is unhooking. That is, when the object is not tied or not, the stranded weight rope at the bottom of the weight is thrown out. Because the hook is made of cast iron or cast steel materials, its toughness is less brittle and easy to break. Therefore, if the site is too narrow or the operator carelessly handles during the hanging process, the pulley will be damaged by inadvertent collision. When the pulley is damaged, the cutting of the rim of the rim causes the film to be severed, and even cuts the wire rope to cause failure and accidents. Of course, if the operator has not cyclically oiled the hook pulley, the pulley may not be flexible enough to cause the friction to increase, and the pulley will crack over time, and an unnecessary accident will also occur. However, when the groove bottom wear increases, the wire rope will be tightened more tightly, the resistance will be greatly increased, and the damage of the steel wire pulling will be accelerated.


When using wire ropes, excessive twists and turns should be avoided. The start-up, acceleration and deceleration of the 6- ton vehicle crane need to be performed slowly to prevent the wire rope from being strained by excessive force. When working next to a wire, pay attention to ensuring a sufficient safety distance from the power supply to prevent the wire rope from hitting the wire and causing a malfunction. When the wire rope comes in contact with the sharp corners of the object, it should be covered with wooden blocks. Wire ropes should be arranged neatly on the reel so as not to clutter and avoid deformation under pressure. When the wire rope is too short, other steel wires may not be used again, because the imperfect connection may cause safety hazards. To strengthen the maintenance of wire rope, often use kerosene and other cleaning agents to wash away the dirt on the wire rope.

To ensure that the anti-unhook device of the hook is intact, the hook should avoid collision during use, it is best to add a little lubricating oil frequently, and find that the breakage, crack or wear exceeds the standard to replace the pulley in time. It is advisable to check the health of the hooks regularly and the hook defects must not be repaired. The operator must carefully check whether the components of the brake are operating normally, whether the brake shoe clearance is proper, whether the brake rotor surface is normal and whether the nut is tight. The brake lubricant should be added twice a week. Do not apply lubricant to the friction parts when adding. When it is found that some parts have excessive wear and abnormal conditions, they must be repaired in a timely manner. They must not be in a poor state to continue their work and must ensure safety.

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