China Inspection Group received another CMA certificate

China Inspection Group received another CMA certificate

Recently, the company's subsidiary, Jinjian Company, has successfully obtained the "Qualification Accreditation Measurement Certification Certificate." The acquisition of this certificate marks an important step in the company's environmental testing field.

The Laboratory Qualification Evaluation Expert Group organized by the Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision conducted an on-site assessment of laboratory accreditation of Jinjian Company at the end of January. The evaluation team assesses the company's environmental testing business capabilities according to the “Laboratory Qualification Criteria for Evaluation”, and conducts assessments such as blind sample testing, on-site sampling, and on-site experimental operations. During the on-site audit, the expert group acknowledged the business ability of the experimental personnel of Jinjian Company and put forward further valuable opinions on the management and actual operation of the laboratory. After rectifying the non-conformities proposed by the expert group, the expert group unanimously recommended that Jinjian Company obtain the measurement certificate.

The acquisition of the Golden Test Company CMA certificate is beneficial to the further expansion of the company's business scope and the provision of integrated program-wide services to customers, which will certainly provide strong technical support for the development of the company's business.

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External heat drum type drying furnace
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