The energy-saving problem of airflow crusher needs to be solved urgently

The energy-saving problem of airflow crusher needs to be solved urgently

Air flow crusher is widely used

Air flow pulverizer, unlike other pulverizers, is under the action of high-speed air flow, the material through the impact between its own particles, the air impact on the impact of the material and the impact of materials and other parts, friction, shear and make the material crushed .

The airflow crusher uses materials under the action of high-speed airflow to obtain huge kinetic energy, causing high-speed collisions and violent friction between material particles in the crushing chamber, and at the same time, the high-speed airflow generates a shearing effect on the material, thereby achieving the purpose of crushing the material. It can process raw materials into very fine powders (<10μm). The application of this technology covers almost all fine processing industries such as chemicals, plastics, mining, and metal materials, and occupies a special position in many specific powder fields.

Since the advent of the air flow pulverizer in the 1930s, after many researchers' efforts, its structure has been constantly updated and its types have been continuously increased. Flat or disc air jet mills, circulating jet mills, colliding jet mills, and flow have emerged successively. Bed jet mill, target jet mill, supersonic jet mill, etc.

Air-flow crusher energy-saving problem needs to be solved

However, the equipment has high manufacturing costs, high energy consumption, and high processing costs. The poor throughput of stand-alone machines is less than 2 t/h, which is not suitable for large-scale production. The product size is difficult to reach submicron level, and the output is significantly below 10um. Decline, processing costs increased dramatically.

Air-flow crusher is facing serious energy-saving problems, solves the energy-saving problem of air-flow crusher, and will greatly expand the application of air-flow crusher. Taking into account the current state of the "energy conservation and environmental protection" requirements, energy conservation will be one of the main directions for the improvement of the jet mill.

The main function of a scoop tube is to adjust the oil capacity between pump impeller and turbine, then adjust the speed of feed water pump.

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