Heilongjiang Province LED lighting pilot energy saving effect is remarkable

In order to support and promote the development of energy-saving and environmental protection industry and product application in our province, from September 2012, the Provincial Department of Finance promoted the pilot project of LED lighting energy-saving renovation in Harbin University of Commerce, Harbin Normal University and 11 top three hospitals. Two years of practice verification, the energy saving and environmental protection effect of this pilot exceeded expectations, and was generally praised by the pilot units. Now more than 50 units have implemented LED lighting renovation.
First, energy conservation and environmental protection. Take Harbin University of Commerce, Harbin Normal University, and 11 top three hospitals as an example. According to statistics, the total lighting power of Harbin University of Commerce is 473 kilowatts after renovation, which is 877 kilowatts less than before the renovation, and the power saving rate is 65; In kilowatt-hours, the annual coal consumption will be reduced by 1,530 tons and the carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 3,533 tons. The total lighting power of Harbin Normal University (Jiangbei Campus) is 220 kW, which is 425 kW less than before the renovation, and the power saving rate is 66. The annual electricity saving is 1.53 million kWh, which can reduce coal burning 535.5 tons and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1201 tons. . The total power of the 11 top three hospitals was 768 kW, which was 1335 kW less than before the renovation, and the power saving rate was 63.5. The annual energy saving was 7.8 million kWh, which could reduce coal dioxide emissions by 2,652 tons and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 6,123 tons. Since the entire life cycle of LED lighting products (from manufacturing to waste disposal) is environmentally friendly, it can completely avoid the pollution of air and water caused by mercury in ordinary fluorescent lamps, and LED lamps can be repaired, further enhancing their environmental protection. Value, as a new generation of green lighting, the social awareness of LED lighting is constantly improving.
The second is to save costs. The experiment proves that after the transformation, the average illuminance of the pilot unit is increased by more than 20, and there is no flicker or glare in use. Under normal conditions of use, LED lighting products have a service life of up to 30,000 hours (more than 10 years). The pilot units all adopt the energy management mode, that is: the energy-saving service company provides energy-saving renovation services according to the energy-saving targets of the energy-using units, and the expenses for the renovation of the energy-saving service companies. The purpose of saving costs and saving costs. According to statistics, after the implementation of LED lighting renovation, Harbin University of Commerce can save electricity costs of 2.295 million yuan, save maintenance and replacement costs of 350,000 yuan, Harbin Normal University (Jiangbei Campus) can save electricity costs of 780,000 yuan, save maintenance and replacement, etc. The cost is 182,000 yuan, 11 of the top three hospitals can save electricity costs of 7.3 million yuan, save maintenance and replacement costs of 850,000 yuan, the provincial finance department can save electricity costs of 258,000 yuan, save maintenance and replacement costs of 38,000 yuan, effective It eased the pressure on unit expenditures and reduced operating costs. At present, the Provincial Industry and Information Technology Commission, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and the Provincial Direct Administration Bureau (the public part of the government building) have also carried out LED lighting renovation, and the energy saving and emission reduction effects are obvious.
The third is expected to be considerable. According to the data of the final accounts of our province, in 2013, the provincial government directly spent 510 million yuan on electricity consumption, accounting for 35% of office electricity and 65 yuan of LED lighting. After comprehensive renovation, it can save electricity by 116 million yuan annually. The procurement and maintenance costs are 10.8 million yuan, and the annual coal consumption is reduced by 46,000 tons and the carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 106,000 tons. The economic, environmental and social benefits are considerable. It is understood that the Russian government has formulated the "Outline of Energy Strategy to 2030" in 2009, stipulating that from 2014 onwards, more than 25 watts of incandescent lamps will be removed. With the continuous expansion and upgrading of our province's trade with Russia, the future LED pair The potential space for the Russian cooperation market is huge.
After the pilot test, the comprehensive promotion of LED lighting in the public sector of the province will help reduce the operating cost of the unit, conform to the central government's efforts to save and oppose waste; help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and help the province to build resource-saving and environment. A friendly society will better fulfill the energy conservation and emission reduction targets of the 12th Five-Year Plan; more importantly, it will help to stimulate the development of the province's LED optoelectronic industry and accelerate the promotion of industrial upgrading. At present, in order to support the provincial direct units to implement contract lighting energy management to implement LED lighting renovation, the Provincial Department of Finance, based on the experience of domestic and foreign experience, in accordance with the State Council General Office's "Opinions on Accelerating the Promotion of Contract Energy Management to Promote the Development of Energy-Saving Service Industry" The provisions of the "2010 [No. 25]" issued the "Notice of the Provincial Department of Finance on the implementation of the budget management of LED lighting renovation by means of contract energy management," for budget preparation, payment management, asset management, accounting, Issues such as government procurement have been clarified.

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