Iphone5s battery simple optimization advice

Is your iphone5s power-hungry ? Today Xiaobian brings me my iphone5s battery simple optimization suggestions.

Start 5S a week, idle to the next forum. It may be that I don't have a lot of shopping, or it may be idle.趁 A little bit empty tonight, this novice fruit powder and rookie share their opinions with friends.

The first thing to say is the price. Jingdong (I don’t know if there is a suspicion of advertising in the wood ) started the 4,998 national line 1530 . Needless to say, I think most people still feel expensive (the local tyrants ignore it ), so please start with the situation ( with a brief analysis )

Then it is the appearance, I am a male, although I always feel that the champagne color is good-looking but I am afraid of fatigue. It may be because I used the rice 2S ( before the black is white ) , so I decided to enter the white. For the friends who are about to buy a small reference: pure personal hobbies to start, do not tangled, but also seen a lot of champagne after buying a black ( or white ) , the appearance of the small 5 is not bad.

In terms of performance, the system is fluent. Fruit powder knows, non-fruit powder, come to the package you are satisfied. The ringer volume is always on, and the music effect is very general ( I don’t think there are a few things to do with this thing all day, just put a disco everywhere to run ) but it does not work. On the contrary, the effect of the earphones is very good. I said that it is better than the headphones of most of the price in the market. It is a big praise ( professional thousand yuan level neglect ) , and I am also in love with the 2010 Novo 5320 original headphones (the outside line has been broken, Normal use, put water into the pocket N times ) .

In terms of signal, it does show the signal strength in general ( I don't know if it has anything to do with the Unicom card I used ) , but the call effect is good, so it is not proposed separately. If it is wifi , it will be in the same position on the bed ( in the case of the study room 2 wardrobe ) Small 5 is a little stronger than the mini signal.

On the screen side, I feel very moderate ( just like the ratio of the rice 2S at the same time ) . It is convenient to say that my thumb is easy to operate. Of course, I like to take a mobile phone to watch TV and skip the game. The bad points were not found and the overall satisfaction.

Jailbreak, since I entered the mini in May last year , I thought I was released from prison, so the small 5 started also 7.04 decisively rose 7.11 . Of course, there is no problem in playing the tricks and personality of the student party's jailbreaking ( maybe the old man is not old, haha. ) Of course, there are infinite games of jailbreaking, gold coins, horses and horses know everything, skip it.

Regarding fingerprint recognition, the most dazzling function of the 5S , the rookie is not much, and the recognition rate is very high.

Photographing and body configuration, get together, personally think that the pixels of the camera and what memory 7788 is too professional to be expressed in numbers, I think there is no need to buy fruit, see the article two days ago, The general idea is to buy fruit without looking at the configuration. Personally agree with this point of view, deliberately took a few shots in the evening, the victory of the rice 2S ( rice powder do not rush to spray, after the cause and effect ) .

I just bought it and it hurts, so I still brought the shell, so the problem of falling paint can't be explained, but I asked the staff when I got the film in the store. To be honest, without protection, the 4 horns on both sides are still very easy. There are scratches. Therefore, it is still necessary to take safety measures to prepare for the long-term use of this rookie ( still the words, the local tyrants ignore ) .

Focus on the battery, see a lot of friends are talking about upgrading XXX , jailbreak XXX after the power XXX problem, a lot ! Of course, do not rule out the individual because of the system or its own hardware reasons, but I believe that after all, is a minority, I am starting Before the mini, there were several forums to look around, and it was also a variety of problems. There were no major problems after starting. Therefore, I think that the majority of friends should believe in the quality of fruit.

I have also observed 2 times in these days . One is the screenshot left by the previous few days. The other is the state of the mobile phone tonight. It is worth mentioning that if you want to use your mobile phone to play a big game, I think The usage time is different from mine ( I mentioned that there is no game in my mobile phone at the moment ) . When I use the mini, I specially observe it. The video music is about 6-8 hours after playing in a general office for about 12 hours ( note here) I use the time iPad mini) so I guess there is a certain difference between playing 5S games and ordinary music calls. The last one is the time when I listened to music and listened to music in the morning after I was full last night. The time is long and the power consumption is not much. Popular point of view, holding a small 5 to listen to music, I think I can compare a lot of mobile phones. So I think that everyone is ready to start with a big problem.

Charging, as many people have said, charge 100% and then charge it for a while, (I don't know if it is psychologically more full ). In my personal use, I feel that it will be slower to charge for about 4 hours. ( from low battery to 100% in more than 2 hours )

The end is the reason for starting: the reason why I am so determined to start with a few points, one is that I saw my friend 4S was crushed by the car, the screen glass is broken, can also be used ( later changed the screen ) Second is to start After using the mini, I really feel comfortable using it, and there is a little fatal fingerprint to unlock the temptation. So I don't worry about this hardware.

Finally we are ready to start with a friend some advice, back to the first point price, 5,000 phone I think particularly like it either careful, there are a few reasons:

1. Is the mobile game and video experience comparable to the iPad ? The main function of the phone is the phone, photo ( personal paranoia suggestion ), and the other is to write a text message, send a message, kiss me, my WeChat, have to take the phone Experience high-definition 3D passion racing disregard ;

2 , iPad and mobile phone prices are different from a mobile phone, so if you are entertaining, why not consider it. ( Of course, the iPad is recommended to wait for air2 plus fingerprint recognition first, don't worry );

3 , and then the power, the phone itself can not afford to trample on the game for hours. Therefore, entertainment-oriented friends recommend iPad + Volkswagen mobile phone ( Millet, Meizu, many domestic mobile phones are improving, of course, here is a little farther, the above said that the small picture 5 burst 2S , have to say that the millet system is indeed It's very user-friendly, and it makes me speechless that the unlock button has been inflexible in less than a year. So I think it still has a long way to go in hardware. )

The writing is not good, the code words are unformatted, please forgive me, and I am thinking of it. I am sorry to say that there is something wrong or too paranoid. It is even more grateful to have a rookie who is willing to discuss it together.

A reaction turbine is a type of Steam Turbine that works on the principle that the rotor spins, as the name suggests, from a reaction force rather than an impact or impulse force.

In a reaction turbine there are no nozzles to direct the steam like in the impulse turbine.

Instead, the blades that project radially from the outer edge of the rotor are shaped and mounted so that the shape between the blades, created by the cross-section, create the shape of a nozzle.  These blades are mounted on the revolving part of the rotor and are called the moving blades.

The fixed blades, which are the same shape as the moving blades, are mounted to the outer casing where the rotor revolves and are set to guide the steam into the moving blades.  Below is a simple diagram of reaction turbine blades:

Reaction Turbine Principle:

In the case of reaction turbine, the moving blades of a turbine are shaped in such a way that the steam expands and drops in pressure as it passes through them. As a result of pressure decrease in the moving blade, a reaction force will be produced. This force will make the blades to rotate.


Reaction Turbine Working:

A reaction turbine has rows of fixed blades alternating with rows of moving blades. The steam expands first in the stationary or fixed blades where it gains some velocity as it drops in pressure. Then enters the moving blades where its direction of flow is changed thus producing an impulse force on the moving blades. In addition, however, the steam upon passing through the moving blades, again expands and further drops in pressure giving a reaction force to the blades.

This sequence is repeated as the steam passes through additional rows of fixed and moving blades.

Note that the steam pressure drops across both the fixed and the moving blades while the absolute velocity rises in the fixed blades and drops in the moving blades.

The distinguishing feature of the reaction turbine is the fact that the pressure does drop across the moving blades. In other words, there is a pressure difference between the inlet to the moving blades and the outlet from the moving blades.

Special Aspects of Reaction Turbines

  • There is a difference in pressure across the moving blades. The steam will, therefore, tend to leak around the periphery of the blades instead of passing through them. Hence the blade clearances as to maintain as minimum as possible.
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Reaction Steam Turbine

Reaction Steam Turbine

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