"Hidden rules" rampant tire prices are hidden

The auto industry has been regarded as a relatively competitive industry for a long time. The price transparency is relatively high. Consumers have not experienced too many unfair experiences due to continuous price reductions. However, there is less obvious fraud, and “hidden rules” are used as more and more, and the more “deep” and deeper they are.

In December 2012, the media directed the spotlights to the tire industry , aiming at unregulated retail behavior in the tire terminal market. In this market, information asymmetry is extremely common, and ordinary consumers are either unaware or numb. In the investigation, the media found that there was almost no price tag for tires on the Beijing market; the phenomenon of random price increases when tires were retailed was common; there were numerous cases in which consumer rights were infringed.

However, few consumers complain about the price of tires that are extremely opaque. What is even more surprising is that some of the interviewed consumers even asked the media: “The vegetable market has not yet been clearly priced in radish cabbage?” I was very puzzled. Didn’t they know that there are still guiding prices, suggested prices, and benchmark prices in the vegetable market? Or reference price!

In the case of tires alone, one reason for the lack of price tagging is the asymmetry and numbness of consumer information, and another reason is that tire manufacturers have not established guidance prices or benchmark prices. Although due to regional differences, we can not require tire companies to implement uniform prices across the country, but at least have a benchmark price for consumers to understand the value of this tire geometry, the price may fluctuate around which line. The guide price is missing and ordinary consumers can only be slaughtered. We also believe that the price departments should strengthen supervision and must not allow price confusion. The numbness of consumers cannot be even more. Consumers who are used to “hidden rules” obviously cannot protect their rights and interests.

In fact, the “hidden rules” or the so-called “behaviors” have weakened consumers’ awareness of the fight for rights, and have taken actions (whether directly or indirectly) that harm consumers as a matter of course. The existence is not necessarily reasonable. U.S. consumers are awakened more quickly. Recently, Bridgestone and Michelin have stated that they will open their sales price. Consumers can check their tire prices on their official website. This is a very positive and correct approach, reducing the possibility of confusion in the end market, allowing consumers to buy with confidence and peace of mind.

In fact, in addition to tires, there are many areas in which unspoken rules become accustomed: when replacing components, shoddy, flat-charged, when dealers and owners are jointly deceived when claiming compensation, exaggerate the facts during maintenance, and bluff to break the unspoken rules. It is a difficult process. We all need to work hard.

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