Yuchai: Seize the Sixth National Opportunity and Move Forward to Internationalization

From September 4 to September 5, 2016, the Yuchai 2016 YC Consolidation Council mid-term meeting was held in Dalian. Yu Ping, chairman of Yuchai, emphasized at the meeting that it must firmly grasp the implementation of the National Sixth, and use three years to promote the Yuchai system to reach the international advanced level. The leaders of the company, including Yu Ping, Wu Qiwei, and Ning Xingyong, as well as the board members and representatives of the YC combination board, attended the meeting.
Yuchai Engine Yuchai Engine

The internationalization of Yuchai is the only way for Yuchai’s development and the only way out. In order to break through market pressures and advance toward internationalization, Yuchai has made innovations in ideas, systems, and institutions over the past few years and has achieved remarkable results, but there is still a gap with the international advanced level. In addition, the emission standards have been rapidly upgraded and the implementation of the National 6 emission standards will soon be on the agenda. In order to transfer Yuchai's internationalization strategy, transformation and upgrading, and Yuchai's six-engine development principles and positioning to suppliers, and promote the simultaneous development of suppliers and Yuchai, Yuchai has specially organized this meeting.

At the meeting, Chen Ningbin, Senior Purchasing Director of Yuchai Co., Ltd. gave a special report on the upgrade and optimization of supplier management. The four major aspects of QDCT were specifically put forward qualitative and quantitative standards, further refined the supplier selection principle, assessment process, Examine standards, grade management, and develop risk management and control measures. Vice President Tan Guirong and other responsible persons of Yuchai share the contents of Yuchai's six-engine strategic plan and Yuchai's logistics reform. At the meeting, the board members and suppliers representatives enthusiastically discussed the national six strategy, market management, JIT production model, logistics reform, production procurement, and service policies, and put forward opinions and suggestions on related issues.

Yu Ping made a concluding speech. He said that a series of major reforms in recent years have creatively promoted the progress of Yuchai to internationalization. “As long as the will is firm, Yuchai has the ability to use three years to attack the world’s advanced companies such as Toyota.” Yu Ping said that the implementation of the National Sixth Standard is an opportunity for Yuchai’s internationalization, and it is necessary to pass the opportunity for the development of the National VI. The overall system of Yuchai is fully upgraded. Therefore, we must use quality Yuchai, technical Yuchai, and international Yuchai as the guides. We must develop the products of the Sixth National Level with the highest standards and the highest level. We can only succeed and cannot fail. The supply system is closely related to the development of Yuchai. Yuchai is moving toward internationalization. Suppliers must also keep up with the pace, and simultaneously carry out transformation, upgrading, innovation and innovation, and build a supply system that has the advantages and benefits, the best, the best, and the fair. To fully support and cooperate with Yuchai's internationalization strategy and the Sixth Engine Strategy to help Yuchai fight for the transformation and upgrading and to make joint efforts for Yuchai to achieve the goal of becoming a world-class company for three years.

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