The effect of crude fiber tester on the development of pig industry

Crude fiber measuring instrument is a testing instrument. In a sense, it is irrelevant to the pig industry. However, because pigs eat corn, soybean meal, fish meal and other raw materials, the Under modern and increasingly sophisticated pig production conditions, the requirements for pig feed are also increasing, and the use of crude fiber analyzers to improve crude fiber Hankou in pig feed will not only help reduce feed costs, but also increase pig production. Performance, improve the economic benefits of pig farming.

Crude Fiber Tester

In the past, due to the remarkable standard of living, people did not pay attention to the nutritional ratio of pig feed. They often ate only mixed (mixed) feeds such as corn, soybean meal, fish meal, etc. In these feeds, crude fiber content was very high. Less results in pigs suffering digestive dysfunction, constipation, and other “rich diseases”, affecting the improvement of pig-raising efficiency. As people began to realize the importance of crude fiber in pig feed, they began to require feed manufacturers to increase crude fiber in feed. The key to how producers control the crude fiber content of feed is the crude fiber analyzer. Therefore, we say that the crude fiber analyzer has a certain influence on the development of the pig industry, and there are some close links between them.
In general, pigs have different digestibility of cellulose at different physiological stages. Therefore, the content of crude fiber in feed needs to be appropriately proportioned according to different physiological stages and physiological characteristics of pigs. For example, pigs at different physiological stages diets. The medium and coarse fiber content is recommended as follows: 6% to 8% of boars, 8% to 12% of pregnant and pregnant sows, 7% of nursing sows, 6.5% to 8% of reserve pigs, 3% to 4% of weaned pigs, fattening Pigs range from 6% to 7%. In order to meet the demand and improve the growth quality of the pig, it is necessary to use the rapid and accurate measurement function of the crude fiber analyzer to accurately determine the crude fiber content in the feed.

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