Intelligent Transportation Takes a New Stage Big Data Technology Helps

In recent years, the development of the Internet industry has been surging, "big data" is hot, leading the future development of the DT era, catalyzing the transformation of the intelligent transportation industry to big data, coupled with the country to promote the application of big data in the intelligent transportation industry, to form a complete big data The industrial innovation chain has produced massive amounts of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, and the intelligent transportation industry has entered the era of big data.

The use of data should be based on

The application of big data in intelligent transportation mainly includes two aspects: data collection and data analysis. However, the focus of big data is not “big” but its value, value content, and cost of excavation are more important than quantity. The real need to pay attention. Data analysis is mainly divided into five areas:

1. Pre-judgment: The charm of big data lies in the fact that we can look for patterns from the data. It can turn the original “after-the-search” into “pre-review”, that is, increase the intensity of information collection and the amount of information collected by the technical means of intelligent transportation. , and improve its data processing, and then the resulting information is transmitted to each person in need through various channels.

With the popularization and improvement of Internet technology, advanced information technology, communication technology, sensing technology, control technology, and computer technology are effectively integrated and applied to the highway monitoring system, which greatly improves the efficiency of monitoring, management, and service. Each function system generates fast, large, and diverse data. After efficient data query, analysis and processing functions, it is also the "big data" analysis and processing technology. It can accurately obtain road traffic information in real time and provide traffic management and traffic information services. data support. Such as the application of sensor technology, access to road ice, rain, snow, fog, accidents, construction and other information, the establishment of traffic information release and service system, to provide travelers with accurate travel information, so that travelers can determine the best travel time, Traffic routes and transportation methods. The service information can be distributed to the mobile terminal of the traveler through the operator's network, and the driver can be provided with weather, road conditions, accident-prone areas and other information, and can recommend a travel route.

2. Adjusting changes: For city managers, urban traffic managers or road traffic managers, big data can help improve the technical means of management, the ability to obtain data, and their ability to make decisions and manage traffic. In the traditional planning process, the design department, based on the judgment of the status quo and the accumulation of experience, is easily subjective to the personal will and the team's will of the traffic project, and some small-scale design units use the closed-door mode to make use of the design. This poses a serious confrontation with the plan's position and is even less in line with the desire for big data applications in the era of Internet+.

3. Urban planning: The intelligent transportation integrated management and control platform stores a large amount of traffic data information. How to effectively and fully utilize this information is very important. Through intelligent analysis of the data stored on the platform, some potentially valuable data and information are obtained, providing important clues and data information for traffic management and criminal investigation. Analysis and summarization of the big data on traffic travel can draw the strength of mutual contact between different cities, the source of urban floating population, and guide the city's external traffic construction; it can analyze the relationship between urban traffic phenomena and important events and effectively prevent the next sudden change. Traffic pressure caused by the incident; Big Data can vividly reflect residents' travel routes, preferences, and summarize residents' travel habits, thus providing a reference for third-party service platforms, and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of transportation from traditional industries to modern service industries.

4, illegal monitoring: In the traditional road monitoring, red light, speeding, retrograde, non-guided car capture and other functions have been well-known, and now combined with image intelligence analysis algorithm can more accurately identify the license plate color, body color, Models, vehicle logos, vehicle sub-brands and other attributes, and can achieve a variety of intelligent behavior analysis and detection without wearing seat belts, call-and-call behavior detection, sun visor detection, and so on, in order to better regulate the driver's behavior habits, curb accidents and source of violations At the same time, it also provides a strong technical guarantee for traffic police to implement off-site law enforcement. In addition, in the traffic application, the role of the face-mounted bayonet function is also increasingly prominent. It analyzes the face part of the captured image, compares the blacklist database or searches the suspect's face to help police capture criminals. To achieve smooth urban roads and orderly development of public safety.

5. Decision-making basis: At present, there are more and more criminal cases involved in car-related driving, and a large number of intelligent bayonet and electric police systems of intelligent transportation have played an important role in searching for the whereabouts of vehicle trajectories through license plates afterwards. However, the traditional methods for massive amounts of video data, image data, and passing cars still remain in the passive “check” and “look” stages afterwards, lack of advance warning forewarning, rapid response in events, and application methods for in-depth analysis afterwards. The traffic data intelligence research and judgment system, through the seamless docking of the urban bayonet system, employs technologies such as cloud computing, vehicle feature secondary recognition, and big data mining to perform multi-dimensional collision warning and feature depth analysis on some traffic behaviors or events. : For the first time, high-risk areas, masked face and other layers of filter-type suspect vehicle mining technology, it is predicted that the crimes such as gun shooting may occur when, where, and between people. Satisfy the needs of different scenes of “pre-warning, incident attack, and post-disaster investigation” and provide decision-making basis for police, security, command center, criminal investigation, map investigation, intelligence, and traffic police.

Government Enterprises Need to Integrate Development

Today, big data has become an important strategic resource for intelligent transportation, and it is a new focus that everyone is scrambling to grab. However, there are many experts and scholars in the industry that even if our domestic big data technology has become more mature and advanced, it still shows Many development issues. At present, China's urban transportation development is at a critical historical stage where both challenges and opportunities coexist. On the one hand, with the rapid and rapid development of urbanization and motorization, urban traffic congestion is becoming more severe, pollution is serious, and accidents are frequent. It faces severe challenges; on the other hand, our cities are in the period of urban development in the transformation of old cities and the construction of new cities. It is the best time to realize eco-city and green traffic. Through the integration of “Internet + traffic”, we can realize the leap-forward development of China’s urban green transportation system through intelligent transportation.

The in-depth application of big data not only contributes to the refinement of intelligent transportation products, but also helps promote the development of the national economy. For enterprises, if they want to seize the market opportunities, they must formulate a big data marketing strategy plan in advance and integrate it with cloud processing. Cloud processing provides flexible and scalable basic equipment for big data, and it is the generation of big data. One of the platforms.

Conclusion: For the intelligent transportation industry, if you want to achieve the networking of intelligent transportation, you should clearly understand the basic attributes of urban transportation, and make full use of the data and computing changes in the era of big data, build a human-computer interaction, comprehensive diagnosis and high-end Intelligent Decision-making Intelligent Transportation System. It is believed that in the future, intelligent transportation will build a cross-domain data sharing platform based on the foundation of big data, and it will be extended to the enterprise level and become the core of the future industry.

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