Smart grid prototype

Smart grid prototype At present, the construction of China's digital power grid can be regarded as the embryonic form of the smart grid, and the smart grid investment in intelligentization will reach 66-68 billion yuan per year.

Under the background of the U.S. and smart grid development being included in the national "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", we will accelerate the development of a strong smart grid and build a UHV "three vertical and three horizontal" structure connecting China's large-scale energy bases and major power load centers. Backbone grid.

By 2015, the electricity grid covering 88% of China’s land area will support the access and consumption of 90 million kilowatts of wind power and 8 million kilowatts of solar power, guarantee the application of 800,000 electric vehicles, and basically build a strong smart grid.

The investment in electrical equipment is in line with the large cycle. The cycle starts from the generation of electricity to the transfer of electricity to electricity distribution. If this logic is followed, the next cycle of the cycle must be started from electricity generation.

The power of rural power distribution equipment is high, and the demand for industrial power distribution equipment lags behind the economic cycle. The secondary equipment companies have sufficient orders, but the growth rate has slowed down. The sixth batch of partial monitoring price cuts are large, and protection price changes are small. The bidding price for a primary equipment has picked up and profitability has improved. We are focusing on inflection companies and closely tracking the UHV sector. There is no new change in the order trend of power electronics companies in November, but leading companies can take the lead out of the predicament through strategic adjustment.

For power generation equipment, thermal power investment continued to decline, nuclear power only restarted coastal nuclear power, water and electricity restarts were less, wind power investment continued to decline, and photovoltaics faced risks of shrinkage in the mainstream market, and overall remained cautious. It is recommended to focus on the leading stocks of electric power equipment and the steady increase in performance.

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