KNX New Technology Workshop Convenes to Solve KNX RF Wireless Control and Other Issues

China Instrument Network Instrument Conference At the Light Building Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, KNX International launched a new idea and concept for the KNX IoT IoT city, KNX network security, and hardware integration ETS following the KNX smart city. How to solve the connection between KNX installation and all objects (devices) in Internet? How to achieve KNX network security? How to simplify ETS application? The KNX RF wireless control and other issues that people are concerned about have become the focus of attention of all KNX employees. In order to promote these new hotspots and new technologies to Chinese KNX manufacturers and provide direction for them in future KNX product development, KNX International and KNX China organized a joint KNX "New KNX" on July 13, 2016 in Beijing. Technical Training Seminar" and "KNX China Application Awards Ceremony". More than 80 manufacturers, integrators, and users from all over the country attended the conference.

Ms. Zhang Wei, chairman of KNX China, first made an opening speech. Thanks to ANX (China) Co., Ltd., Haig Electric Co., Ltd., Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd. and Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., the initiators of KNX China, for their efforts and contributions to the establishment and development of KNX in China. At the same time, he praised the Chinese KNX manufacturers, Guangzhou Hedong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Vision Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. for their pioneering participation in the KNX team. It is hoped that KNX, as the leading Chinese standard for smart homes and smart buildings, will lead more companies to develop and apply KNX to create one green, smart and sustainable building.

The “KNX China Application Award” 2016 sponsored by KNX China organization finally settled after more than half a year. The 20 participating projects finally selected 5 awards and 10 award-winning projects. Beijing Haodezi Engineering Technology Service Co., Ltd., Yunnan Samet Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yidian Building Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Accor Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Guochun Intelligent Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., Chengdu Chengdu Yiyi High-tech Development Co., Ltd. , Dalian Loho Trading Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Dihaosi Technology Co., Ltd., Chengdu Donghao Technology Co., Ltd., and Beijing Dotstone Chuangjia Technology Co., Ltd. won the "Youth Award", "Public Award", "Energy Saving Award", and "International" Awards and Special Awards. Ms. Zhang Wei, Chairman of KNX China, Mr. Demarest of KNX International Association, and Mr. Li Yumin, Deputy Chief Engineer of Institute of Instrumentation Technology and Economics of Machinery Industry, awarded the award-winning certificates to the winners. Through this selection activity, we commended the KNX application project with outstanding innovation and technological progress in the field of home and building control, and promoted and strengthened the confidence and determination of the award-winning organizations to engage in and promote KNX applications!

At the "KNX New Technology Training" seminar. First of all, Mr. Demarest, the CTO of KNX International Association, gave a report on “The Latest Development of the Association and KNX IoT”, focusing on the development status of KNX IoT1.0, IoT2.0, IoT3.0 and IoT4.0. And prospects. He pointed out in the report: "At present, we have implemented KNX IoT 1.0 and 2.0, define the KNX TCP/IP network service protocol, and provide network client developers with a common standard interface to achieve the standardization of the gateway. 3.0 , 4.0 will gradually realize the IP of KNX module, and will eventually realize the connection of KNX's entire ecosystem to the entire Internet of Things."

Subsequently, several experts from the KNX China organization and the Institute of Instrumentation, Integrated Technology and Economics of the Machinery Industry shared and exchanged views on KNX hot technology topics with participants. Mr. Zhao Yanling, a network control security expert, introduced KNX data security and KNX IP security, focusing on data and network encryption algorithms.

KNX training lecturers Dr. Zhang Chunting and Ms. Zheng Qiuping from KNX China introduced the KNX network service and KNX hardware integration ETS (ETS Inside). The relationship between KNX and IoT, how KNX and IoT connections are described and analyzed; proposed new features and development direction of ETS: ETS Inside. ETS can be stored in KNX devices, simplifying the complex procedures that previous KNX systems needed to configure with ETS software. This innovation makes it easier and faster for manufacturers, integrations, and users to manage KNX devices. The new ETS also adds KNX network security features.

Finally, KNX standard expert Dr. Wang Linyi gave a detailed introduction to the KNX RF (KNX RF) technology that everyone was most concerned about, including the system requirements, physical layer, simple mode, system mode, and energy acquisition of KNX RF. Provides technical assurance for KNX manufacturers, integrators and users who have long been looking forward to KNX wireless control.

The seminar was both professional and technical. It fully demonstrated the vision and great blueprint of KNX, and pointed out the direction of product development for KNX practitioners, especially manufacturers. The KNX International Association and the KNX China Institute have recently signed the KNX RF, KNX data security and KNX network service standard conversion protocol signed by the Institute of Instrumentation, Integrated Technology and Economics of the Machinery Industry, marking that the new KNX technology demonstrated at the conference will soon be It has become the national standard of China and laid the foundation for the development of KNX new technology to further expand the application of the Chinese market.

(Original title: KNX China organized successfully the 2016 "KNX New Technology Training Seminar" and "KNX China Application Awards Ceremony")

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