Your mobile gas station "Dongfeng Dolika D6 Tanker" is online

Tanker estimates that everyone has seen a lot of life, in fact, is the mobile refueling vehicle, today Xiaobian took the opportunity to recommend a Dongfeng Duolika D6 tanker.


This Dongfeng Dolika D6 tanker uses Dongfeng Dongfeng Dolika D6 chassis, Chu Sheng wins. The vehicle license is provided by Chu Sheng. The model of the vehicle is CSC5071GJY4. All data are strictly controlled within the scope of the published data. The dimensions are 5990×2050×2500mm, the total mass is 7350Kg, the rated load quality is 3600Kg, and the trimming mass is 3620Kg. Dongfeng Duolika D6 series DFA1070SJ20D5 chassis, belong to 90 Dongfeng Duolika optimized upgrade version, 2 axles 6 tires, wheelbase 3300mm, 7.00R16 wire tires; 1.8 tons front axle, 3.5 tons rear axle, high bearing capacity coefficient; taking into account For safety, another ABS anti-lock device, front disc brake, and speed limit device are installed.


Its tank volume is 5.3 cubic meters. The tank uses Wuhan Steel's Q235 high-quality national standard 6mm carbon steel sheet to be rolled at one time. It is completely seamlessly formed. There are multiple anti-wave separators in the tank body and high pressure gas is used. Test leak detection, so that the tank has high strength, stable center of gravity, vehicle safety and stability features. The entire tank sub-single or multi-position, the room can be divided into rooms, the middle of the bottom of the partition has through holes, the middle of each warehouse welding points Strengthen the baffle in the warehouse to reduce the impact of the oil in the tank during driving and improve the rigidity of the tank. The outer surface of the tank is coated with antirust paint and decorative paint. The tank and the bumpers are attached with red and white visual reflective strips. The word "explosion" is attached on the side, and the breather valve is installed on the top tank mouth.


Chassis configuration: Dongfeng Dolika D6 tanker was modified from the finalized Type II chassis produced by Dongfeng Motor. It is composed of two types of automobile chassis, sub-frame, powertrain, tank system, piping system, pumping system, refueling system, electric control system and other systems. It is a vehicle specially designed for oil transportation and mobile refueling. Beautiful and stable, strong stability.


More related parameter information is as follows:


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