Shantui SRP90S PLUS hydraulic retractable asphalt paver

Shantui SRP90S PLUS multi-functional paver, with nine technical advantages, energy saving and environmental protection and humanization as the upgrade concept, with superior control accuracy, handling performance and low-speed paving stability, can be used for all grades of highways, municipal roads, etc. The paving of roadbed and pavement is ideal for paving asphalt and water stable layers.


Next, Xiaobian will show you his nine technical advantages å–½~~

Advantage 1: Dynamic power system

The SRP90S PLUS is matched with the Deutz BF6M1013-22T3R turbocharged diesel engine. It is a national III emission engine with strong power, reliability and durability, and strong oil adaptability. Shangchai SC9DK220.1G3 turbocharged diesel engine, National III emission, with high efficiency and stability, strong power, high fuel economy, easy maintenance and so on.

Advantage 2: Walking system

The independent left and right microcomputer control hydraulic system has good low speed stability and straightness of driving. Adopting the famous domestic brand four-wheeled belt, lengthening the crawler belt and driving independently. Original imported travel reducer, high reliability, large driving torque and uniform speed, ensuring the flatness of the paving and uniform compactness.

Advantage three: control system

Based on the imported EPEC controller, the new generation of Shantui paver intelligent operation management system is developed. The paving speed is automatically controlled at constant speed, and the driving paving speed is freely switched. It has automatic fault diagnosis function and monitors the vehicle. It adopts microcomputer high-precision intelligent leveling system, and is equipped with automatic horizontal leveling of horizontal and vertical slopes. It has the characteristics of high leveling precision and strong anti-interference performance. High-brightness color LCD display with ergonomic imported joystick for high reliability and handling. The control panel is clearly arranged, all component switches are arranged according to functional logic, easy to operate, and have a good human-computer interaction interface.

Advantage 4: Screed

The SRP90S PLUS series paver is equipped with a hydraulic telescopic electric heating screed, single-spindle, and frequency-infinitely adjustable. The multi-sliding column structure enhances the overall rigidity of the screed, and the wide wear-resistant base plate has good work stability and high work quality.

Advantage 5: Transmission and distribution system

Four sets of independent full hydraulic transmission left and right transmission and distribution systems are adopted, and the material level adopts ultrasonic sensing control technology to ensure uniform supply of all proportions. Large-diameter, large-pitch spiral material-sharing structure, strong material-distributing ability, low-speed material distribution, small separation. The left and right spiral distributors can be driven separately, and the height of the material distribution device can be adjusted from the ground to suit the paving requirements of different thicknesses.

Advantage six: receiving device

The long-width widened hopper has a higher productivity than similar models. The spring self-damping push roller can greatly reduce the impact of the skip on the paver and make the work quality higher.

Advantage 7: Driving environment

The operation console can be slid left and right and adjusted up and down to meet the actual needs of different operators. The left and right seats can be rotated to the outside of the fuselage, as well as the streamlined bridge structure, allowing the operator to have a good view of the dosing channel and always observe the level of material in front of the screed. The FRP-type cockpit, the wide ceiling is easy to retract on both sides, protects the operator from sunlight and rain, and the ergonomically designed ladders and handrails provide a comfortable driving environment for the operator. With the manual hydraulic pump, the cockpit and exhaust tailpipe can be lifted at the same time, improving the maneuverability and comfort of the operator.

Advantage eight: safety, environmental protection, energy saving

Advanced and reliable engine, low noise, low emissions, in line with national III emission standards, environmental protection and energy saving.

Advantage nine: maintenance

The overall opening of the hood and the left and right side doors, the working pump, control valve and filter element are within reach, making the maintenance point easy to access. Centralized lubrication system that automatically delivers grease to the scraper conveyor and the screw feeder bearings. (This article is from Shantui)

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