What are the reconnaissance command vehicles?

     A reconnaissance command vehicle is a type of military vehicle that can be used at any time to detect enemy movements. At the same time, the reconnaissance command vehicle also has the function of commanding operations. The armored reconnaissance vehicle belongs to a vehicle in the reconnaissance command vehicle. The reconnaissance equipment in the vehicle has certain protection capabilities. This vehicle can implement reconnaissance tactics with a high degree of vigilance and flexibility.


The equipment of the reconnaissance command vehicle is similar to that of the armored command vehicle, and they are similar in structure. The environment used by the investigation command vehicle is often faced with bullet and rain, so the appearance of the vehicle should be able to prevent bullets or guns from entering the body of the vehicle. In the reconnaissance command vehicle, a periscope that can detect a wide field of vision is installed, and it is not subject to time restrictions. It can be observed even at night. At the same time, the reconnaissance command vehicle also has weapons installed. Such weapons, such as cannons, which are capable of killing more, can be used to prepare for emergencies. Launchers also need sights, and wipers are needed to keep the lens of the periscope clear on rainy days. Radio equipment is also installed in the car and can be kept in touch with the command center. In addition to these necessary equipment, the reconnaissance command vehicle can also choose to install other equipment. For example, such tools as surveillance radar and detection equipment can be installed, which is also conducive to better use of the reconnaissance command vehicle.

The reconnaissance command vehicle is used in the military and is used to collect enemy tactical information on the traditional functions reported to the commander. The function of the reconnaissance command vehicle can be both command and reconnaissance, and weapons can be used if necessary. The reconnaissance command vehicle has a shortage in manufacturing due to its immature technology. With the continuous development of technology, the emergence of various high-tech technologies has also gradually improved the structure of the reconnaissance command vehicle. Changed the various restrictions on previously used reconnaissance vehicles and improved the efficiency of reconnaissance.

Optical Brightener

Many industries have begun to use optical brighteners, such as paper, plastics, leather, and detergents. At the same time, fluorescent whitening agents are also used in many high-tech fields, such as fluorescence detection, dye lasers, anti-counterfeiting printing, etc., and even high-sensitivity films for high-altitude photography. In order to improve the sensitivity of photosensitive latexes, fluorescence is also used. Brightener.
In China, optical brighteners were first classified as printing and dyeing auxiliary products, and then classified as dye products. Due to its unique properties and large amount of demand, it has been separated from the above two industries and has become a separate class of fine chemical products. The first largest user of domestic fluorescent whitening agents is detergents, the second largest user is paper, and textiles are the third largest user.

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