What is the waterless car wash without water car wash?

Nowadays, the technology is getting faster and faster. On that day, Xiaobian just finished talking about the stealth driving recorder and the engine without cleaning. Now there is a waterless car wash. Xiaobian is learning new knowledge every day. Xiaobian really doesn't know that this world change can get so fast. Today, let's talk about what is a waterless car wash, how about waterless car wash . It can be seen literally that this car wash must be very special. Is there really no water for water, or water is needed but it is used less? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.


Clothes can be dry-cleaned. Of course, you can add car wash water wax to the water. Instead of using high-pressure water guns and water pipes, simply use a small air pressure bottle to simply spray the body and then scrub it with a towel. Use different products for different parts and different materials of the car for cleaning and maintenance. The material contains a variety of polymer paint surface curing ingredients, lightening emulsion, carnauba wax, etc., which can effectively protect paint, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, anti-rain water erosion, anti-car paint aging. The operation is simple, the key is to wash the car very quickly. This is from Singapore.

Waterless car wash?

Although the waterless car wash is convenient and the cost is low, is there really no defect? Of course, there is no way to completely clean the car. For example, the chassis of the car can not be cleaned, and the surface of the paint can be cleaned. Not suitable for summer use, generally do not wipe yourself and do it, can not clean.

However, it also has the advantage of not damaging the paint surface of the vehicle. Save a lot of water. Does not pollute the environment, without any waste water discharge. No equipment or energy is required. Just a toolbox, a few rags, a brush, no need to invest a lot of money. easy to use. Just use a small bottle of water to clean the car. Emission of untreated wastewater and exhaust gases during normal car washes often pollutes the environment.

I hope that after using the waterless car wash, the chassis and important parts will still be cleaned. Because waterless car wash is not useful for this. Long-term waterless car wash is actually not very good, because it can not be thoroughly cleaned. You can't always go to the repair shop to wash the chassis when you wash your car. That person is collecting all your money or how to collect money with you. This is suitable for emergency use or for occasional use.


In some remote areas, there may be a lack of water. Just like in a place in Africa, people usually only take two baths in their lifetime, one is born and the other is married. It has been washed twice in a lifetime and this water has been saved. Although there are only a few places like this, there are still places where there is a lack of water. That waterless car wash is better. This will not only meet the demand, but also waste water. Now I have finished what is waterless car wash, how about waterless car wash. What do you think of this technology?

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