Ankai Releases China's First Pure Electric Double Bus

Recently, Ankai Bus has launched a double-decker pure electric bus for the first time. This is also the first pure electric double-decker bus in China. It is reported that Ankai’s first double-decker pure electric bus has a maximum driving range of 260kM in urban public traffic and a maximum speed of 80Km/h and a maximum passenger capacity of 87 passengers.

It is reported that the shape of the Ankai pure electric double-decker bus adopts the basic aerodynamic design principles, and the streamlined body design reduces the drag coefficient and optimizes the interior space. As a pure electric passenger car, the car adopts lithium iron phosphate battery, and the maximum driving range is 260kM in urban public traffic. The maximum speed is 80Km/h, and the maximum passenger capacity is 87. The three-axis drive structure is used for the front, middle and rear axles. Eight shock-absorbing airbags are configured to provide sufficient power and smooth operation, which can fully meet various needs such as urban public transport and tourist transportation. Moreover, the height of the Ankai pure electric double-decker passenger body is only 3.78 meters, and it can smoothly pass through overpasses, tunnels, overpasses, etc. in the city, and the range of operation lines is more extensive.

At present, pure electric buses have been operated throughout China, and only Ankai pure electric buses have covered 27 cities and regions in the country. However, the double-decker pure electric bus still makes its debut in China.

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