Heavy Duty Pump Suction Truck Developed and Batch Exported

Recently, China National Heavy Duty Truck Jinan Special Purpose Vehicle Company successfully tested double-pumped sewage trucks and exported them to foreign countries.

Different from conventional sewage suction vehicles, the vehicle adopts two vacuum pumps. Double vacuum pumps and hydraulic drives rely on chassis power. After power is output by the power takeoff device, the power is output after multiple levels of rational transformation. The pump body adopts a series structure, which promotes the vacuum pumping speed nearly double compared with the conventional sewage suction truck. For the first time, the vacuum pump is equipped with a spray water cooling device to ensure the stability of the vacuum pump and prolong the service life of the vacuum pump; Lifting, after the head can be opened, sewage quickly and thoroughly.

In the process of design and development, the company's technical personnel performed structural improvements based on the chassis space, rationally arranged and optimized the design to meet the requirements of the vehicle's various functions. The batch of dual-pump suction trucks has been approved by users with its compact structure, beautiful appearance and leading functions.

Architectural Tension Bar For Construction

High Strength Steel Tie Rod are steel structural members made of carbon structural steel and alloy steel, processed by machining, heat treatment and surface anti-corrosion treatment, supplemented by adjusting sleeves, lock and joints etc. The steel tie rod are important components of steel structures for construction of giant, large span buildings and ship docks. They are mainly used for prestressed parts and large span buildings in construction projects. While the strength of the product is improved, but the plasticity index is not reduced, which satisfies the principle of using the same amount of strength in the architectural design. The tie rods, tie bars, tension rods and tension bars steel grades are specified as grade 460, grade 520, grade 550, grade 650.

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