The PLC market in China is nearly 8.8 billion yuan

The PLC market in China is nearly 8.8 billion yuan Large and medium-sized enterprises in China generally adopt advanced automation systems to control the production process. However, most small-sized enterprises have not applied automation systems and products to control the production process. With the increasing competition, more and more small-scale enterprises will use economical and practical automation products to control the production process, in order to increase the economic efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises.

Our state-owned enterprises and private enterprises are also taking advantage of rare historical opportunities to develop the manufacturing industry. China is trying hard to become a new manufacturing base in the world. Manufacturing control is mainly based on discrete control, and PLC is the first choice for control systems in this area. In order to improve labor productivity and product quality, manufacturing companies will endeavor to transition to industrial automation. Therefore, PLCs will inevitably be used in large numbers to provide a broad application prospect for PLC applications.

Since 2001, the mechanical industry, one of the basic industries, has become a new growth point for China's industrial development, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%. Different from the feedback adjustment of the analog industry in the process industry, the mechanical industry needs to perform chain and sequential control of the switching quantity, so PLC becomes the first choice for its control products. The rapid growth and automation of the machinery industry provide a huge market space for PLC applications.

In China, long-term lack of development and application of PLC is at a low level. Most of them are research and development carried out by civil enterprises. However, civil enterprises are hardly able to obtain large advantages in terms of R&D strength in the short term. More is just a small PLC R&D and market. Extensions. It is difficult to make competitive products with foreign manufacturers.

During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, the state clearly needs to vigorously promote the development of equipment manufacturing and basic manufacturing industries, reduce the use of high-energy-consuming products, and relevant favorable policies will promote the healthy and rapid development of PLC products. It is expected that China's PLC market will continue to develop rapidly in the next five years and will reach a size of 8.8 billion yuan or more in 2015.

Therefore, we are paying close attention to the huge demand for PLC generated in the domestic market due to automation changes, implementing the rapid development of the national PLC industry, changing the domestic PLC market, one or a few big scenes by foreign manufacturers.

Drum Rice Cooker

Drum type Rice Cooker


This type rice cooker is famous with drum type appearance, which is easy operation and easy clean.

There are two type of inner pot , one type called white pot which is without non-stick but cheaper price .another one called non-stick pot is polished with emery, Also there are two type non-stick with different price ,it`s depending on different demands to use.

And the inner pot cannot be burned on the stove, which will make the pot transfigured and bad contact with the heating plate. While cooking , the heating plate or the fuse is most likely to be burned for the bad contact of the inner pot and the heating plate, Besides, make sure to dry the pot before putting into the outer shell of the rice cooker ,or else the drops of water flowing on the heating plate, will make the heating plate rusted.


Many peoples are used drum type rice cooker for congee and soup, some of peoples are prefer to use this type rice cooker for steaming.

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