Government promotes Yuchai Engine to open up the Greater Mekong market

The government's setting up of the stage and the singing of enterprises have become the main theme of economic cooperation in the Greater Mekong Subregion. After many years of cultivation, Guangxi enterprises such as Yuchai have achieved outstanding results locally: As of November of this year, Yuchai’s engine has more than 90,000 units in the market in the region, and the number of engines entering the market in Vietnam alone exceeds 10,000 units. It is estimated that in 2014, The annual engine inventory will exceed 100,000 units.

Yuchai Engine Factory Area
Yuchai Engine Factory Area

Developing Yuchai Machines in the Greater Mekong Market

The primary factors for Yuchai’s success in the Greater Mekong region are the government’s support and the people’s friendly exchanges. In particular, with the help of the China-ASEAN Expo platform, a window opened to allow ASEAN businessmen to understand Yuchai. In addition, Yuchai has also leveraged on other commodity fairs, such as participating in international exhibitions, advertising campaigns, and marketing campaigns, to continuously increase the popularity of Yuchai products overseas, attracting a large number of potential customers and collaborators.

The Guangxi (Vietnam) Commodity Fair in China is an important channel for Yuchai’s “going out”. At the annual exhibition, Yuchai will introduce suitable excellent products according to the geographic environment and user preferences in Vietnam. At the 8th China (Vietnam) Commodity Fair in China last year, Yuchai Engine once again shined its shine. The five major exhibitions exhibited attracted many dealers, OEMs and users. After years of hard work, Yuchai has laid a solid foundation in the Greater Mekong River Basin. In terms of product adaptability, Yuchai is widely used in generator sets, mining dump trucks, passenger cars, trucks, ships and other fields with its broad product spectrum.

To ensure product service quality, Yuchai has established a complete marketing service network in Southeast Asia. Among the six overseas offices established in Southeast Asia, the Greater Mekong River Basin accounts for three, ie, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar offices. In Vietnam, Yuchai built a large network of accessories centers and accessories, and promised to deliver accessories to customers in the northern part of the country within 8 hours, and deliver accessories to customers in southern Vietnam in 20 hours.

With the "outreach and interconnection" model and its own advantages, Yuchai has achieved a leap-forward development in the Greater Mekong Basin. In 2014, Yuchai's engine input in Myanmar exceeded the sum of previous years' inbound volume; in Thailand, Yuchai's engine became the standard for local tourist buses; in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, more than 10,000 units were entered this year, creating another A new record high.

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