Plastic film flexible packaging needs deep development

In recent years, the market share of plastic flexible packaging is expanding step by step, and it is expected to maintain a good growth momentum in the next few years. Flexible packaging based on plastic film will play an important role in various packaging products.

Since the package structure can be customized according to requirements, many new product physical structures emerge: liquid, viscous, powdery, granular and particulate. Along the way, there is an intersection between products and products, including food and beverages, cosmetics, health care, pet food, automobiles, drugs, and agricultural products.

With the continuous development of the packaging machinery industry, the opening method of the packaging box is more and more convenient to operate. There have also been major advances in machinery, and the number of functions has gradually increased. It is possible to provide one-stop services from loading to packaging in the shortest possible time.

It is reported that film development has accounted for more than 40% of the total amount of plastic packaging materials so far. In the future, plastic film packaging will welcome a new round of global green economy. The barrier properties of the new generation of clear films and coatings begin to approach the metal flakes and the aluminized films. It provides an opportunity to show that people can intuitively see those very appetizing foods. This packaging structure also facilitates food heating in a microwave oven.

Although the current capacity of the plastic flexible packaging industry is developing rapidly, flexible packaging companies must keep up with the pace of market recovery and timely and effectively adjust product structure. Even if the potential is important, but to find the right direction is the key to the company's continued advancement, we should not hesitate to study the market, research needs, in-depth development, focus on quality improvement, the development of a certain technical content of functional packaging materials.

Features: The machine tool mold is integrated, and the base, column and beam are optimized and strengthened to improve the overall rigidity of the machine tool.
stainless steel, copper, aluminum, carbon steel, etc.
Applicable industries: 
molds, hardware, medical equipment, electronic products
Product use: 
mold, metal electrode, metal parts processing

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