· Heavy trucks become the next strategic goal of Volkswagen in China

Under the auspices of the Chinese government and the market, Volkswagen has become the world's largest automaker, producing a full range of full-line passenger cars and commercial vehicles, and has long occupied the European market sales champion and stable in the Chinese auto market. The top two have been the leaders in the production and sales of the passenger car market for many years. On March 13, 2014, Volkswagen Group held its 2013 financial results conference. In 2013, Volkswagen Group sold 9.7 million vehicles worldwide, while the Chinese market contributed 3.27 million vehicles. In the past ten years, it has won the franchise in the Chinese market for more than GM.
More than one-third of Volkswagen's global sales are contributed by China. Therefore, China's share of Volkswagen's global auto map is the decisive factor in determining whether Volkswagen is leading the world. It can be seen that Volkswagen is still in the field of passenger cars. In the future, once commercial vehicles enter again, in the next decade, Volkswagen brand cars may occupy half of the Chinese auto market. Recently, Volkswagen Group Management Board member, Volkswagen Group (China) President and CEO Heizman in the interview with Sohu Auto Du Jidong, in addition to reaffirming the previously determined to increase the number of domestic models to 30 by 2015, in China The implementation of the "people-oriented" strategy, etc., also on the joint-stock ratio, Volkswagen 2016 domestic electric vehicles, Volkswagen commercial vehicles, and is pre-study on the establishment of heavy truck joint ventures in China.
At the same time, Heizman said that the Volkswagen Group is very concerned about the stock-to-open discussion and is welcoming and looking forward to the open policy of China's stock ratio. Due to the China Automotive Industry Policy promulgated in 1994 and the China Automotive Industry Development Policy promulgated in 2004, each foreign-funded enterprise has a maximum of two joint ventures in the country. Volkswagen Group, which already has two joint ventures, FAW-Volkswagen and Shanghai Volkswagen, will reinvest in the establishment of a heavy-duty joint venture, which will certainly be more conducive to its future development in the Chinese market.
Currently in China's heavy truck market, except for FAW Jiefang, which has not yet joint ventures, China National Heavy Duty Truck and Germany Mann, Dongfeng Motor and Sweden Volvo, Beiqi Foton and Germany Daimler-Benz, SAIC Hongyan and Italy Iveco, Jiangling Motors and the United States Ford Motor Co., Jianghuai Automobile and Navistar, USA, Guangzhou Automobile Group and Japan Hino, Sichuan Nanjun and Hyundai have all established international strategic alliances. The joint venture and cooperation map of heavy truck industry in China has basically taken shape. Other major heavy truck companies in China have completed joint ventures with foreign truck groups. Therefore, according to the author's prediction, Volkswagen may also establish a commercial vehicle joint venture with FAW or SAIC to produce heavy trucks and even commercial buses, and seize the market share of commercial vehicles in China with the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea.
After Volkswagen has included Scania and Mann, the Volkswagen brand commercial vehicle will form a commercial vehicle alliance with Scania and Mann to strengthen the Volkswagen Group, officially in today's market in China, in Eastern Europe, in India and North America. The capital that rivals Volvo, Daimler, Ford and Navistar has put pressure on competitors in the global heavy-duty truck sector to maintain the strong position of Volkswagen, Scania and Mann in this field. The Chinese market is first and foremost an extremely important key market for success or failure. Therefore, Hai Zeman, president and CEO of Volkswagen Group (China), said that the Volkswagen Group is currently studying the establishment of heavy truck joint ventures in China. In order to realize the "2018 Strategy" of the Volkswagen Group, the breakthrough of Volkswagen's "short board" business in China, especially heavy trucks, is indispensable.
In fact, before the Volkswagen whales its intention to carry passenger cars and commercial vehicles to cover the Chinese auto market in all aspects, its expansion hand has already extended to the US market, and wants to acquire some shares of Navistar, the sword refers to Daimler. As a stepping stone to open the US commercial vehicle market, it will accelerate the entry into the US heavy truck market and find a balance in the North American truck giant competition. The US heavy-duty truck market is dominated by several of the Freighter's Freightliner, Volvo's Mack, Navistar's International and Paccar's Kenworth and Peterbilt.
After Volkswagen has occupied all segments of the Chinese passenger car market in all directions, the next strategic and tactical goal is definitely the commercial vehicle sector, especially the locking of heavy trucks. In the near future, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will bring Mann and Scania latecomers. It is expected that with the entry of Volkswagen commercial vehicles, Scania may become a pioneer and soon set up factories in China, with Daimler. Volvo, Ford, GM, Navistar and other international commercial vehicle giants launched another tear.

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